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LifePOWER Master Class Activity

"On the Path to Goal Setting: MISSION & VISION

Veda A. McCoy, Proprietor & Instructor

Your mission is comprised of who you are, your clearly identified "customer" or target audience, and the service you provide.  To begin thinking about your mission, ask yourself, "When my work with my client is complete what does he/she look like?  Possess?  Know?  How is he/she different?" 


Example: Veda McCoy is a dynamic and motivational teacher, psalmist, author, and leader who inspires people – particularly women – how to unlock their lives, discover their purpose, release their potential, and realize their passion.


Your vision is a clearly defined picture of what your mission looks like at various stages, including implementation, action and completion.  For example ask yourself, "While my client is working with me, what does he/she experience?  What emotions or state of being come to mind?  What do onlookers see/say about my process?"


Example: Veda McCoy motivates, empowers and supports people, as they move through the process of self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-improvement.  She strives to see people master the practices of goal setting, prioritization, dream and vision manifestation, so that they can lead lives of power and achieve maximum impact in the world



What is the name of your business or "dream"?  Try to give your business a name of 3 words or less.   _________________________________________________________________


Who is your target audience?  (Male or Female?  Race? Ethnicity? Socio-Economical Status?  Geographic/Demographic Specifics?  Education Level?)



What service do you provide to this target audience?  (Be specific.  Think uniqueness.  Remember: they can't get YOUR STUFF anywhere else!  For example, rather than "coaching services", consider "strategies for obtaining financial freedom"




Name one core value that speaks to who you are as a person and what your work with people will represent.  For example, nurturing, uplifting, bold, relentless, hard-work, fearless, continuous improvement, etc.  Reminder: purpose, passion, dreams are not core values.  They are more aligned with mission statements.



List 3 reasons why people should spend their hard earned money and use their valuable time to work with you, purchase your products, or support your mission?  Aside from you, who is helped by your work?  How is the WORLD made into a better place? (Hint:  "I am nice" – is NOT going to cut it!)

  1. ___________________________________________________
  2. ___________________________________________________
  3. ___________________________________________________


Name one person/entity in your particular field who has been supported by you, or with whom you have established a connection. 



How have you invested in YOU to achieve your goals/dreams?  What steps have you taken to get better, meet like-minded people, or learn more? 




A Year From Today….

What is today's date?  ______________________

In the box below, describe your life, business, dream, a year from now.  What are you doing?  How many clients do you have? What have you accomplished or checked off your list?

Where are you in the process of moving forward?

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