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Veda A. McCoyis the youngest child of the late Minister Irene B. Nicely and the late John H. Nicely, Sr. she is a dynamic and influential woman, who deliberately and intentionally strives to help people achieve spiritual growth and personal transformation.  She motivates and inspires thousands worldwide as a teacher, motivational speaker, singer and author.  

Veda McCoy's experience and expertise have rendered her a "purpose guru" – and she has helped many unlock their greatness.  Veda McCoy is the founder of Unlock Your Life, where she guides people through the process of self-discovery, in order to identify their purpose, maximize their potential and realize their destiny.    

Veda McCoy's has written two books - Look At This Woman: Destroying the Bondage of Low Self-Esteem and LifePOWER: Six Winning Strategies to a Life of Purpose, Passion and Power, which is also a complete program for self-improvement. In addition, Veda McCoy also developed a complete mentoring curriculum and program, entitled Finding Elizabeth Mentoring Program (FEMP). She is the founder and host an annual prayer breakfast, held each July, which receives many from all over the United States and abroad.  Her latest venture - WellSPRING - is a network of individuals focused on increasing their spiritual growth and developing a powerful prayer life.   

Some of Veda McCoy's corporate clients include Time Warner, Whole Women Symposium, Life Vision for Women, Girl Talk Unplugged, and others.

Veda McCoy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Bowie State University, (Magna cum laude), a Master of Theological Studies degree from Wesley Theological Seminary (high honors) and a Master of Education degree also from Bowie State University (Summa cum laude). In May 2014, she was certified and endorsed by New Leaders New Schools, a nationally recognized leadership training program. She has been employed with Prince George's County Public Schools, since 2000 and, in July 2014, was appointed Principal of Avalon Elementary School, in Fort Washington, Maryland.

Veda McCoy is an ordained minister and served for nearly twenty years at Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church, in Washington, DC, under the leadership of Archbishop Alfred A. Owens, Jr., and Co-Pastor Susie C. Owens. In April 2004, she and her husband, Senior Pastor Marvin E. McCoy, founded, Judah Christian Center Church, where she serves as First Lady and Executive Pastor.

Also a gifted singer and recording artist, Veda McCoy has released three solo projects, entitled Reality, Over Again and Renewed Strength. Her anointed and melodious voice has allowed her to travel extensively and work with many gospel greats, including her husband, Apostle Marvin E. McCoy, Pastor Shirley Caesar, Donnie McClurkin, Pastor Marvin Winans, BeBe Winans, Byron Cage, Earnest Pugh and others.

Veda McCoy has been married to her life partner and best friend, Senior Pastor Marvin E. McCoy for over 30 years and is the mother of two adult children, Minister Marvin Myer McCoy and Miss Johntae McCoy.

Her ultimate goal is to see people enjoying their divine right to live, love and leave an optimal impact in the world. Her motto is, "I have voluntarily become a servant to any and all in order to reach many people – religious and nonreligious – entering their world to lead them into a God-filled life." (I Corinthians 9:19)

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